Core Alignment Bodywork

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Core Alignment Bodywork is designed to help people who are experiencing pain. 

Contemporary thinking informs us that pain, technically speaking, is an unpleasant sensation perceived by a person, which arises due to a response generated within the nervous system as a result of an experience of 'perceived threat', as contextualised by the person's brain. Quite a mouthful, but that's our best shot at understanding pain right now!

Acute pain, as a natural, protective mechanism, may arise in this manner as a result of tissue damage sustained by way of trauma, or during an accident, but actual tissue injury is not always the primary cause. Stress, and the elevated muscular tension, tissue strain, and changes in 'body chemistry' that often go hand in hand with the experience of challenging life experiences may be just as significant a factor in both the generation and ongoing presence of pain. Added to this, long-term, chronic pain problems may be compounded by an understandable degree of fear-based avoidance of movement, and also by both psychological factors and social circumstances.

By way of gentle, hands-on McTimoney Chiropractic bodywork (which is performed on a treatment table with the client fully clothed), breathing practices, postural exploration, movement awareness exercises and confidence-building, in combination with education about the mechanisms that underlie the experience of pain, Core Alignment Bodywork can help you to return as quickly as possible to a comfortable and active life.




"The skeleton at our core - dynamic, yet supportive and stable, is the physical manifestation of our centre

It is a place to find rest, and a place where we can cultivate the self-confidence, stillness of mind and dynamism of energy and emotional expression that is our birthright."